Dr. Jennie Johnson PhD, Registered Psychologist

Dr. Jennie has always had a love of people, but it was not until she started babysitting at the age of 13 that she discovered her passion for working with children. In her high school year book, she strongly declared that she wanted to be a psychologist, without actually knowing what a psychologist really did! Thankfully, after her first child psychology class at the University of Calgary, she was hooked and it was then that she decided to become a clinical child psychologist. And, well the rest is history!

Dr. Jennie completed her PhD and internship in Ohio where she mostly worked with inner city youth. After 6 years in the US, Dr. Jennie decided she was ready to move back to Canada. After the birth of her two boys, Dr. Jennie began seeing child psychology in a whole new light. The focus on learning, behaviour, and CBT that was the foundation of her schooling did not fit her experience of parenting. Thus, she sought out an approach that was more developmental and relational in nature, and was rooted in attachment and emotion. She is excited to one day pursue a faculty position with the Neufeld Institute, which is the paradigm she adheres too.

She and her husband, along with their two young boys are proud to once again call Red Deer their home and the couple is passionate about helping people in Central Alberta.

Melissa Hillman, MACP Registered Provisional Psychologist

For as long as Melissa can remember, she has always had a passion for psychology and helping others. Before starting her journey of learning, Melissa wanted to better understand and experience different cultures which led her to travel to various countries such as Thailand, France, Italy, England, and Greece. Following her last travelling experience, she knew upon her return she wanted to go back to school to attain her Degree in Psychology.

Melissa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with Distinction from University of Calgary. During the last year of her degree, Melissa worked closely with a professor and community partners to create a research thesis. With the goal of empowering and giving a voice to those who may be struggling, Melissa created, implemented, and analyzed a poverty awareness survey that went live in Red Deer and surrounding areas. This evaluation provided her community partners with a starting point for future strategic planning regarding poverty reduction and alleviation in Red Deer. Melissa is very thankful for this opportunity as it provided meaningful work to her community.

Melissa then completed her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology degree through Yorkville University. Through practicum placement, Melissa found her passion in emotion-focused and attachment-based work. The power of connection and relationships are the foundation to her approach with children, youth, young adults, and parents. Melissa is passionate about learning about trauma.

Melissa finds her joy in spending time with those she loves and creating new experiences through traveling and getting out in nature. Although, sitting at home on a rainy day with a good book will always be time well spent too.

Rosalind Wells, MACP Registered Provisional Psychologist

Rosalind is originally from England and once moving to Canada, spent her youth on Vancouver Island and in the greater Vancouver area. She also lived in Oregon for a number of years, before returning to Canada to continue her education. Rosalind had a fascination for Psychology at a young age, when she discovered a book by Freud. She studied at the University of Victoria and at Yorkville University. Prior to receiving her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Rosalind worked with many different populations in hospitals, group homes, and in home care. Rosalind practices from a psychodynamic lens, believing that our past serves as the foundation for how we view the world, and our attachments at early stages in life greatly affect how we attach later on. Rosalind has a strong belief in the therapeutic relationship as being the catalyst for change and hopes that together you can begin a trusting therapeutic relationship grounded in this belief.