Comfort and Persistence

Dr. Jennie helped me a lot.  She made me feel happy.  I felt very comfortable being around her.  She is such a nice person.  She is honest and she persisted to make me better. – 7-year-old boy

“Back to My Old, Happy Self”

Dr. Jennie is a remarkable woman. I came to her feeling alone and thought I had forever given up.  I had lost all hope. Not 5 months later, I left her office feeling back to my old, happy self. I have never felt this confident and beautiful in my life. If it wasn’t for Dr. Jennie, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I can’t thank her enough. – 15-year-old girl

New Success at School

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that [we] received an email from [his] Math and French teacher this morning.  Normally, my blood would run cold when I get one of these.  The teacher said whatever we have done with [him], to keep doing it.  He’s a different kid at school and far more focused, confident and it is showing in his work and marks.  YES!  Thank you for helping to get him where he can even experience this as a possibility.  He loves Dr. Jennie.

“She’s Been A Rock for My Daughter”

Dr. Jennie is amazing and came into our family’s lives when we needed her most. When we first came to see her, my daughter was on ADHD medication for something we found out later she didn’t even have. Dr. Jennie is thorough and doesn’t give up. She makes sure that you get what you need and get away from what you don’t. She’s helped my daughter so much by getting her off unnecessary medication and helping her come up with practical ways to deal with her anger. Children are intuitive and know more thank you think. They pick up others emotions so well, so when my daughter told me that Dr. Jennie is nice, listens and never doubts her, it meant the world to me. She’s been a rock for my daughter by listening to her problems and counselling with absolutely no judgment. I’d recommend Dr. Jennie to everyone.

Confidence and Understanding

We were in desperate need for guidance with our 7-year-old son.  We came across Dr. Jennie’s website and decided to give her a try.  From the moment she said hello we could tell she was going to be awesome.  You can tell that she genuinely cares.  She was so friendly and easy to talk too.  My son would ask when we were going to talk to her again and said that he wished he could keep talking to her forever.  The atmosphere, as soon as you walk into the clinic, is welcoming and cozy.  Her office makes you feel as if you are in your own home having a conversation with a good friend.  The support we have received from Dr. Jennie has given us more confidence as parents and helped us understand our son better.  We are so grateful to have Dr. Jennie on our team!

Conquering Challenges

My 15-year-old daughter was recently struggling and felt helpless and hopeless. After the first session with Dr. Jennie, we both left with a sense of relief and hope for the return of the happy, carefree child she had buried deep within herself. Over the next several weeks, I watched my daughter blossom into her old self, but with a new confidence, armed with the ability to overcome future challenges.

Back to “Life as a Teenager”

A 16-year-old and her mother came to Dr. Jennie as they were worried about possible depression. After a couple of sessions, it became clear that social anxiety and lack of self-confidence were the underlying issues, not depression. Dr. Jennie and the girl began working on challenging her assumptions about herself and what she thinks others think about her, and spoke a lot about accepting herself for who she is. After just a few sessions, her mother noticed a huge change in her mood and happiness. She began holding her head up and smiling more, did not isolate herself in her room, and was reaching out to friends again.

The Right Pieces

A 15-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Asperger’s came into Dr. Jennie’s office feeling isolated, depressed, anxious, and was underperforming in school. Dr. Jennie started his progression by challenging his black and white thinking about people and gave him coping skills to deal with his social anxiety. He was then able to reconnect with friends and even got a girlfriend. After a couple of months he was happier, more confident and calmer. His mother remarked “we have our son back.”

Dr. Jennie continues to be a sounding board for him, and to help him put the puzzle pieces of his life together.

Tools for Success

When the parents of a 7-year-old boy were told he has ADHD by a family doctor, paediatrician and a teacher, and that medication was recommended, the parents were skeptical. “How can someone diagnose my child in just a 20 minute appointment?” They approached Dr. Jennie for a psychological assessment to get objective information on how their son was functioning compared to other kids his age. They wanted to know that they had done everything possible to figure out what was happening with their child before choosing a treatment. Dr. Jennie was able to confirm the diagnosis through an assessment. Upon this discovery, they were able to better understand how to more effectively parent their son, which improved their connection and bond significantly. It also helped the boy better understand his own brain and the reasons why sitting still, focusing, and completing tasks were hard for him. Instead of coming home from school with negative comments every day, he was being sent home with reports of how hard he was trying and improvements that were made.

Building Better Foundations

The mother of a 6-year-old came to Dr. Jennie concerned when she and her husband had noticed their child was experiencing delayed milestones, struggles in school, poor focus, and was emotionally overreacting to situations. His mother had taken him to a paediatrician who diagnosed him with ADHD. She was extremely upset about how quickly the diagnosis was made as she strongly felt her son did not have ADHD. When the mother and her son came to into Dr. Jennie’s office for treatment, Dr. Jennie recommended an assessment. After completing a full assessment, it was clear the child did not have ADHD. Dr. Jennie was able to diagnose him with a cognitive delay. Although it was hard for the parents to hear, the mother reported that Dr. Jennie was the first person to listen to her concerns and she now knows she is “not crazy.” His teachers know he is not “lazy,” and have a better understanding of what he can and cannot do in class. The teachers are more willing to give him the one-on-one attention he needs and go to extra lengths to help him.