Assessment Process

An assessment will help uncover what is happening beneath the surface of your child or teen, and help answer some of the “whys” you may have asked about your child’s behaviours. Dr. Jennie will identify your child/teens strengths and weaknesses, which will then provide understanding and guidance on how to work with them.


Initial Meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is to give Dr. Jennie a chance to learn more about your child, and his or her struggles, so that specific tests can be selected.



Once Dr. Jennie has had the opportunity to get to know you and your child/teen, specialized testing and information gathering will begin. This will provide objective data about their abilities and how they are performing compared to other children their age.


Feedback Meeting & Treatment Plan

With the whys uncovered to your child’s struggles, the next step is to sit down and go over the results. This meeting is really about providing insight into how the diagnoses has affected your child leading up to this point, and talking through the treatment plan moving forward.


Therapy & Consultation

Finally, the answers to why your child has been struggling. Now you, your child and Dr. Jennie can start progression through a custom therapy program. Consultation with doctors, teachers, and other specialists often follows an assessment.

Therapy Process

The therapy process will give your child/teen and/or your family the proper tools and foundation to help progress your child/teen towards carrying through a happy, healthy and productive life.


Initial Meeting

In the initial therapy meeting, Dr. Jennie will talk through your child/teen’s concern, and what treatment methods, if any, worked or didn’t work. Once Dr. Jennie has gotten to know your child/teen better, she will take the information gathered and formulate a plan to move forward.

If your child or teen has already been professionally assessed by another psychologist, Dr. Jennie will be happy to work with your child/teen to customized/tailored a treatment plan specific to their needs.


Treatment Plan

After the initial meeting, Dr. Jennie will create a treatment plan developed specifically to your child/teen’s needs. This will include the frequency of sessions and discussing what those sessions will entail.



Dr. Jennie will continue to be a part of the treatment plan through regular therapy and continued support as your child or teen continues to progress.

Do you have an assessment but are unsure if the results indicate a true understanding of your child?

If you’re unsatisfied or don’t agree with a previous assessment, Dr. Jennie would be happy to provide a second perspective.